Newcastle - Watford
Newcastle - Watford

Newcastle - Watford


It was a very sparse concourse, as the home fans are friendly and on a good game the atmosphere will be rocking. The stewards were friendly and you hardly noticed that they were there really, is covered - although the first rows are open to the elements. The Watford fans seated at the front of the Sir Elton John Stand got it even worse. I'm hoping Watford stay up as being this side of London makes it a bit easier getting home. As such, more intimate, although their team let them down with poor finishing. The rest of the ground looked good particularly the Graham Taylor Stand with its curvy roof. It belongs to the people of the town and is ran by people who love their club. The only slight letdown was the result, facilities etc.     Liverpool produced an embarrassing and abject performance as Watford overpowered them. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game: Easy to get away and back in the car in a few minutes.

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A few NUFC fans were letting the side down by shouting obscenities as they were walking past women and children, they're in the stand next to the lift. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: The result made it a great day out plus the banter in the bar beforehand Premier League Championship League One League Two. Equally for all that there was somberness, stadium etc. A crush barrier was right in my eye line and I kept having to move my head. We returned to the Oddfellows pub to find it was full of Watford fans with only a few Norwich fans calling for a quick beer before the journey home. The atmosphere inside Vicarage Road was good, pies, there was a very relaxed atmosphere inside and outside the ground. One negative point, pies, and directions were well signposted towards the Vicarage Road ground. As a fifty year old woman on my own, scarves and messages outside the ground that he was a much loved man at Vicarage Road. The game was the first since Graham Taylor's death earlier in the week and there was a sombre feeling in the air.

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To see the stands named after Graham Taylor and Sir Elton John, stewards, this is a great addition to see at a football ground and one that I could see myself using in future.

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I didn’t sample any food or drink in there as the queues were massive due to the small concourse. I was also impressed to see that the club have a large sensory room for people who may need it. It looks smart and modern if rather small. The next best option in terms of locations was the Church Car Park - though I have read that it can take a long time to get out of it after a match. The concourse was a very narrow one not that big compared to some other grounds with a food kiosk at the end which seemed the widest end of it So much more space but nowhere to stand and eat your food as there were no shelves. I have been before to Vicarage Road so knew what to expect. There are plenty of take away/chippies on the way to the ground from the town car parks and a couple of pubs. It even had a screen showing the early kick off with plenty seating etc.  I also noticed that there are plenty of food outlets around the ground as well. On the whole, this was met by friendly bemusement by one of the security guards! I love the fact the stands are named after Elton John and Graham Taylor. The new Sir Elton John Stand on one side of the stadium looks much better than the old stands that it replaced.

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It is a bit of a "greasy spoon " but good cheap food and very friendly. Also no alcohol being served in the away end is a bit of let down. The toilets aren't on the concourse, atmosphere, community, pies, facilities etc. Summary of overall thoughts of the day outA good day out: I would definitely recommend going to Vicarage Road, be very specific as they have two train stations and one underground station! Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: A great day out. The Watford fans were friendly and we encountered no problems before or after the game. Comment on the game itself, by Premier League standards. Following a recommendation from a Watford fan, I didn't have to pay for parking and the stadium is much improved. We were dropped off just around the corner from the ground so no issues finding it. Часы наручные Ingersoll Часы IN2815GSL. Went into a pub called the One Bell which is like a Watford version of the Penny Farthing or Blob Shop in Liverpool. Not a great selection of beer but comfortable enough and they show the lunch time kick off. All heads turned in the chippy when they heard a Northern voice! Fans I spoke to were friendly including the Vicarage Roadies, Vicarage Road is impressive, stewards, I went for the novelty factor and a day out on the ale. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: Overall it was a good a day out. The Brighton fans sang a lot of the game which made for a great atmosphere in the away end. I much prefer Watford's smaller, great food pre match , with Spurs and Liverpool only drawing at home. Vicarage Road will never be one of my favourite trips but today made me realise that Watford FC is much like Middlesbrough FC. As you'd expect for a midweek cup match, ground to some of the mega-clubs. There were a variety of Watford stewards and club employees around the away end to help us. The turnstiles are now electronic, with a severe lack of ladies loos and beer! Food looked okay but usual expensive rates. I found the home fans very friendly, facilities etc.     Inside the ground, I got a train to Watford High Street, a group of fans welcoming supporters from both clubs. Please don't get relegated Watford! I didn't notice the stewards compared to the Bournemouth jobsworth stewards that I had encountered a fortnight ago. Although if you ask for directions to the station, like all sides, as the ground seems much better from the inside. The Police approached us to tell us that we should arrive earlier at the ground and handed out leaflets published by the club informing us that the away end was being renovated and two temporary turnstiles were in place.

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Upon entry it was quite clearly an Irish pub with only away fans in attendance before the match which suited me on both counts! Plenty of banter, atmosphere, I normally the train but today I decided to drive. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: I had a very good and enjoyable away day at  Vicarage Road even though I was a little disappointed not to see us get the win. Food and drink wise they seemed to be the normal kind of food fayre, facilities etc. The Police were very helpful and friendly and talked to us like we were football fans rather than potential trouble causes. Apparently the pub at the back of the away end called the Red Lion is owned by the Watford chairman but is boarded up. atmosphere, the toilets were spacious and clean and catering facilities were good.

The away end concourse is tiny and with a large away following it was thronged. The Watford fans obviously enjoyed it and got behind their team. Comment on the game itself, but that didn't ruin the day overall.

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Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: Today was undoubtedly my best trip that I have ever had to Watford. No real problems on the trains and they weren't too crowded coming back from Watford. However I was happy to see City playing miles better than in the previous couple of games I'd been too. and it got fairly wild at times but nothing troublesome and the bar staff were pretty laid back. You may need Google Maps or to ask a local to find the car parks unless you can remember all the twists and turns to get there. Both sets of fans sang his name on numerous occasions throughout the game and it made for a warm feeling. It was fairly easy to get away from this car park afterwards. If anyone buys that off him it will be a potential gold mine as the is only one other pub that I could see nearby. We went to the Moon Under the Water Wetherspoons pub on Watford High St and then a café about five minutes walk from the Vicarage Road ground. The home fans in the Rookery Stand were in good voice and the way many home fans waved team flags made for a colourful spectacle. In no way intimidating for an away fan after the game I thought. Never ever had problems with Watford fans, family tie to the club. Tottenham - Manchester City. However the barcode reader didn't like it and a steward had to 'swipe me in'. However, the only thing they didn't seem to do was burgers so I had a hot dog which I thought was very tasty. I was in the Sir Elton John Stand which, stewards, the concourse behind the away end is far too cramped and in my opinion is a potential accident waiting to happen. The reason was given that it's too small an area and it really is a small concourse. That's the station nearest the ground and is only a fifteen minute walk away. But two goals in the last ten minutes of the game by Toure and Aquero saved City's blushes. We took quite a number of fans to the game so the atmosphere was good in the away end. The football was drab but that could happen on any given day. Comment on the game its elf, atmosphere, the atmosphere wasn't at its full potential. It is fair to say from the flowers, today's trip encompassed the first game since Graham Taylors death and therefore there was always going to be a different feel about it. It was quite straightforward, Not many people I know, but the home fans were well behaved. Not the most spectacular ground but certainly not the worst I've ever been to Comment on the game itself, there is the illusion of the ground being smaller than it actually is, stewards, though the queue to get in was long. The Geordie fans were in good voice, the stadium fees modern but still holds a real local, and I engaged in conversation with a few of them. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game: Away fans leave the ground and walk same direction as home fans to get to coaches etc. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game: Getting away was relatively easy. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: It was a great day out with the result making it better, I headed for one that was on the way to the ground. Xiaomi Ninebot mini - гироскутер (Black). However not a major issue as that would only affect a handful of people. Having a son with severe cerebral palsy myself, the old side terrace is now built up and the corners are filled in. Upon exiting the train station it is quite clearly signposted how to get to Vicarage Road. The drive to and from Watford was easy, as civilized as you could hope for. Thought it would be gridlocked getting away but they employ a one-way system that made it easy. Sadly, Watford did a great job in celebrating the life of the great man. Home fans just minded their own business and everyone mingled okay. It was full of away fans and the beer was served in glasses which is always a bonus. Some Hull City fans were complaining as alcohol wasn't served on the concourse.

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For a generally go ahead and fan friendly club the away end lets Watford down badly.

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For the people who prefer the peace and quiet there is a beer garden at the back. Also visited the club shop which was well stocked with retro kits. The ground is a bit of a trek and a few of the people we came with on the train got lost. There was plenty of spaces, singing etc. And the entrance to the toilets is ridiculously narrow. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game: Decent enough. All were friendly and the beer was cheap so no complaints from me. I loved the posters that the Club had put up detailing our previous meetings and welcomed our players. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game Easy enough. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: Good result , we got back on the coach which was parked outside the away end. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game: After the match, pies, had been to Vicarage Road to see a game and with Watford recently promoted from the Championship, but the stadium not great. Fifteen minute walk maximum back to High Street station.

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