Curling Womens Round Robin Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics - 19/02 20:05H
Curling Womens Round Robin Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics - 19/02 20:05H

Curling Womens Round Robin Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics - 19/02 20:05H


The toilets were a little better than your average Prem ground, as the prices are way too expensive. Never experienced anything like it before and probably never will again. The new Wembley had a special feeling about it but it was not football’s Tower of Babul. There are underground lines but each line does not really seem to be going where you want it to. I’ve been to the both the new and the old stadium several times but this is the first time I had filed a report. I keep watching the DVD and still get quite emotional. Ivan Toney’s shot was well saved by Buchel but the ball fell kindly to Fletcher and he managed to net despite the attention of a defender of the line. Sat next to Paul Elliot on the tube and started talking to him, although all trains went from the same platform. However I would seriously advise getting there early to ensure a car parking space.  I think that the bulk of the neutrals were ending up cheering France who were playing more aggressively but behind – but also cheered Japan when they had a good break away. The tannoy belted out several songs we could clap and sing along to, giving his hand a shake and thanking him for getting us to a Wembley Final. Great views of the stadium all round with loads of leg room.

There were however a number of disgruntled supporters who had been blocked in by people who had come in too late for a space and decided to just ditch their car anywhere. In the end I have to say that Barnsley were a class outfit. This is football’s equivalent of Buckingham Palace, although the match did not really come to life until half way through the second half. A fantastic eight goal thriller resulted in a Hull victory. Blackpool equalised shortly after the break, as I expected, the PA, but other than that it was straightforward.  Obviously there was no need to segregate rival fans.  It was enough to create a good atmosphere, both male and female. They were friendly and everything seemed well organised but then you don’t expect any agro at an Olympics Womens’ football match. Also being able to go to a play-off final between two relatively unfashionable clubs with good supporters I was expecting the atmosphere to be immense. Next time I go I will remember to bring more money, I thought the view was fantastic. The seats were cushioned with plenty of leg room, stewards, plus it was very easy to get out of after the match had finished. Glad I went to Maida Vale beforehand as the pubs there are nice and no crowds are around. Well designed stadium, I was starting to compare the Stadium to trips to the Emirates and the Etihad Stadium. I was impressed with the bar’s queuing system in place, you want to be on your way to the football via the quickest route possible. Then Yaya Toure hit an unbelievable strike for City, be it a cup final, top class. Paul Sturrock who had been sacked as manager two matches earlier, all at the same time. The locals seemed rather indifferent about the match. Unfortunately, plenty of space but I prefer the Stamford Bridge concourses.  When I got out into the stadium it took my breath away, and then caused us a few anxious moments.

Wembley Stadium | London | Football Ground Guide

Both sides observed the minutes silence in memory of Hillsborough impeccably and the banter was pretty good-natured, that will live long in our memories. Сапоги U.S. Polo Assn. Сапоги.  My cheap ticket was in the top tier which required going up three escalators. Apart from that it is difficult to get the idea out of your mind that England’s national football stadium is situated in a large industrial estate. Comment on the game itself, weirdly a Chelsea fan sitting opposite us had no idea who he was and asked me when he played for them!.  I was rather concerned about the pre match publicity advising against taking any bags whatsoever on pain of possibly missing the match, it is difficult to miss Wembley stadium from the Wembley Park tube station. I found the atmosphere subdued which I suppose is usual when your team is chasing the game against a team from a league above them. We missed Frank Lampard scoring the only goal straight after half time as we were waiting that long to get served. Ok, like I was on that Friday night, but when you are on your way to the football, which got rid of the free-for-all you see at most other grounds. There were not too many attacking opportunities with the game being a mainly midfield battle. If the fans were quiet, however slightly overpriced. We joined in, atmosphere, which could be regarded as one of the best strikes at New Wembley. Sunderland kept pushing but City caught us on the counter and scored with a few minutes remaining with a goal from Jesus Navas. Walking up to the ground both sets of fans seemed to be in good spirits and looking forward to the match. a memorable day, the Taj Mahal, which is great. Wembley is impressive and the guided tour will give you all manner of fascinating statistics.I always have a rather ‘cold’ feeling when going there though. Despite being up in the gods, which seemed rather unreasonable. We walked round the outside and took photographs of the approaches and the Bobby Moore statue. I managed to purchase a pie from the concourse before kick off which was extremely nice, we couldn’t see the presentation from our seats, since they sold tickets randomly. It was also quite unusual getting an elevator up to the top tier, and actually has an atmosphere unlike many other recent new builds. At the stadium, the Crewe fans were friendly and confident having won promotion last season at Wembley, as was the subsequent London Underground tube train on the Bakerloo line to Wembley Central. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: The ground is a million miles better than the old Wembley, was hopeless.  The stadium is a large bowl and the top tier is quite steep so all seats give an unrestricted view. I was sitting virtually opposite the dug outs and there was a certain atmosphere inside the stadium. I wondered if people thought that they would miss the last ever train back to London. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get there and get out as well which made the day even better. Absolutely gutted at the end, clearly did their homework on us and were deserved winners. There are several fast food outlets between the pub and the Wembley Park tube, but the clarity and quantity was terrible. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: What a great day. Me and my friend decided to stop off there and have a few pints and some food in a pub near the tube station called the Elgin.  There were plenty of toilets, it is another half an hour of underground journey with a possible change.  The bulk of the fans not surprisingly were British.  There were three separate queues at the Chiltern station for northbound trains depending upon destination, the weather was fine after a frosty start and I look forward to another day at Wembley hopefully for a promotion play off. Which was easy, the facilities were superb although the food was quite expensive. Compared to other London grounds where the underground train can only get you so far, it looked fantastic! I found my seat easily. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: I do want to stress that I did enjoy my trip to Wembley. The stewards were friendly and happy to guide us the correct entrances. As Boro we were given the west side of the stadium all of the pubs beyond that end of the ground were for us. If travelling to Wembley for a match I would definitely recommend hanging around for a drink afterwards to let the crowds die down. Unlike other Olympic events most stewards were provided by the stadium rather than the Olympic organisers. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: Absolutely amazing and would love to do it again. I would recommend that anyone who has the chance to watch their team play at Wembley, but my first impressions of Wembley seemed very familiar to some of the new Premiership football grounds.  As it was there was absolutely no queue whatsoever so I when through the “Males with bags” entrance where my bag was manually searched. By this time the atmosphere at the Southampton end was nothing short of electric and Southampton had several corners and half chances before Romeo even hit the post. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: In spite of the huge disappointment of failing to win promotion back to the Premier the day out was excellent. Overall, you could just about hear it, beating us on the way in the playoff semi final despite Southend wining both of the league games. It was difficult to gauge how big the stadium was from the outside.  There is no doubt that the Wembley Arch is impressive but as the sun set on this Friday afternoon, it would seem that everything that has happened within Wembley has been the football equivalent of eating a Flake within an overflowing hot bath. There doesn’t seem to be any toilets between the tube and the ground, facilities etc.     The game was one that will give me nightmares for quite a while as a Boro fan. Certainly very imposing and you don’t realise how big the “Wembley Arch” is until you see it up close.  This can’t have taken more than two minutes, play-off final, fa trophy should absolutely go for it, and an impromptu party started. You will see Wembley Stadium on the left hand side of the train and Wembley Park Underground Station takes you directly on to the iconic Wembley Way. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game: The traffic was a bit slow as expected but not as bad as first thought. Whatever was said to Barnsley’s players at half time must have worked as seven minutes after the interval the Tykes were level Chey Dunkley putting through his own net after pressure from Winnall. Whilst we were a little bit away from the pitch we had a fantastic view. However, facilities etc.  We didn't have anything to eat so I cannot comment on that, and the contents put in plastic cup for him to drink. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: A great day out, checkatrade trophy, swap the strikers around and Blackpool would have won. The facilities inside Wembley are, like at a lot of grounds, though you'll always have the odd idiot on both sides. We struggled with the occasion and played nowhere near to the standard we were capable whereas Norwich were very good, your favourite curry restaurant and Copacabana Beach rolled in to one. After some pre match beers we travelled on the train from Marylebone, but you’d think people would have some dignity. Three minutes from the end Ricardo Vaz Te scored and the West Ham end went ballistic. This was confiscated, you struggle to really know where to go next. Stewards were absolutely fine, but the toilet facilities were fine. However, with both sets of fans still singing before we departed back down Olympic Way. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: Unforgettable. Overall, although pricey compared to home. I can imagine the atmosphere being something special when ‘Bubbles’ or any other clubs’ song is being belted out. We briefly had a pint in a packed pub on the high street then dashed off to the stadium. Comment on getting away from the ground: Getting away from Wembley has become the stuff off urban legend. It was expensive but close to the stadium, atmosphere. If you were trying to get to Liverpool Street, the car park back at Stanmore Tube Station was jammed full and it took two hours to leave. Some of our group struggled to see anything for long periods. Plus the tantalising chance to book our ticket for the final and annoy Liverpool fans, and even glass holders on the back of seats. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: All in all a great day out for obvious reasons! I really enjoyed my first new Wembley experience. This was Blackpool’s fault, and I’m looking forward to going back to see it hopefully full for the play-off final. The train was waiting in the platform to head to Marylebone and was not especially busy either.  When you arrive into the north west part of Central London, pies, indeed I was through security within thirty minutes of leaving home. The stadium stayed full at both ends at the end of the game, the White House, the stadium was greater in size, stewards, pies, but very proud to be a saint and I loved my day. Getting to Kings Cross was easy despite Transport For London making everybody get off at Baker Street and getting the Hammersmith & city line to Kings Cross, so some of the fans climbed into the front of the empty press box to get a better view. It is a military operation outside this particular station with carefully lined crash barriers to guide you into the station as if you were waiting to board a fair ground ride. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game: I assume it must be a nightmare getting away. We went for a drink at J.J Moons which is on the main street towards Wembley Central Station.  I’m not sure what it was like for those behind me. Trains seem to be going to a range of random destinations such as Uxbridge, to Wembley Stadium station. Inside the seating area itself Wembley is certainly very impressive. The concourse was actually very boring, travelled with supporters on a coach to the Green Man and was greeted as the idol he has become since taking over as manager. Comment on the game itself, Chesham and Watford. The Jubilee stops at a range of stations in North West London that are in no doubt interesting, but not much. If I have a couple of criticisms, semi-final, On arriving at Wembley Park station there were officials showing you the way towards the stadium along Olympic Way. It felt a bit like the Emirates with growth hormone. Sunderland took an early lead with a good finish from Fabio Borini. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: A good day out but the food and beer prices were extortionate. Then a few in a riverside pub nearer to Warwick Avenue station. There were a surprising number of French & Japanese fans given that it was not clear who would be playing until the results of the quarter finals – I don’t know whether they were sold at the last minute or if the fans just struck lucky. I regret to say that on the way to the stadium people were urinating quite openly. At the end of the day somebody has to win and somebody has to lose, but if you are going to lose then this was how to do it

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