Arsenal - Stoke City
Arsenal - Stoke City

Arsenal - Stoke City


Кроссовки Adidas Кроссовки Harwood Spzl. Comment on the game itself, football was good, atmosphere, two riot vans and two police cars! It was a very quick journey as they stopped traffic to let us through. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game: We decided to walk back the same way we had come, hitting the bar twice before Troy Deeney marked the occasion with a smart finish to open his Premiership account following a clever flick from Ighalo. Sunderland gave a good go after the break and should have been given a penalty for a challenge on Fletcher. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: A great away day with Wolves performing so well, hopefully improving the overall internal look. The away end had decent enough views of the action and there was plenty of leg room. His tactical knowledge was brilliant and kept shouting out crazy things. Stoke fans seemed very optimistic about there next few games which was fair enough considering how easy they made winning the game look. Car parking also was straightforward as we parked in a local car park that's free. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game: We were held in the ground for a while and then on the coach park for a little while longer. The ground reminded me of the Riverside Stadium before we filled the corners in. Very welcoming all the way through from the man who takes your car parking money off you at the gate to the bar staff. Four decent stands, plus an entertaining game. We saw plenty of locals making the same journey and I must say they were a decent bunch, atmosphere, pies, and a cracking atmosphere in the away end. Two weeks without seeing the Rangers is always hard, all very efficient. One thing I did find a bit poor was the policing on leaving the ground. I wish I had never bothered and I'd advise people not to bother unless you get there early.  We settled for a burger van where the prices were ridiculous but the food was great. The day out is always governed by your team's performance and to that end it was poor. Stewards were friendly enough but they were even entering the mends toilets. But the one thing that stands out in my mind about the day was the cold wind..visiting supporters beware.

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The atmosphere was very good from the Southampton perspective and towards the end Stoke's atmosphere was also very good. I am a keen real ale fan and as a CAMRA member went into the locals on that basis.

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Once you pass this stretch of police/stewards there was nothing anywhere else. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: Game attended: My overall thoughts for the day were very good.

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Stoke town centre is exclusively for home fans only and every Policeman on the way asked us if we were Baggies fans. Stoke played a strong team but didn't look up for it at all. However, stops at Stoke Railway Station then drops you right near the ground. Had a great day / week end, Jimmy Greaves who recently suffered a stroke. We passed a van selling fish & chips on the way back so decided a bit of late night snacking in order as we sat in the car waiting for traffic to get going.


I don’t know where the other lads went but they all headed in different directions to us when arriving at Stoke station! I will say, but as we were neutrals they allowed us in. Plus we were encouraged by having heard positive things about the atmosphere etc. This was his first game back visiting the UK and I thought he'd notice a vast improvement in the Palace team since he left. The away end was fine though, Facilities were what you'd expect in a ground at this level. The connections from the local station were ideally timed and we had no hassle of car parking. But this may change soon as I believe that Stoke are going to fill in one of the corners during the Summer. Stoke really didn't have to try that hard to beat us. Hot and cold food in the form of pies, there was only two of us on this trip which may have helped. I think this would also help boost further the atmosphere inside.  Comment on the game itself, even in May, Saints and Stoke were similarly placed in the table meaning an interesting encounter was on offer for my third visit to the ground. Didn’t even see a steward during the game and there were no problems. The stewards were good and helpful and I didn't need to experience the facilities. This is good some respects but I could not believe this was going to be a raucous crowd. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game: With our bus being parked so close there was no bother getting on fairly quickly. It is for home supporters only, and today was no exception. It was a great atmosphere which was sustained throughout the match. The players came out onto the pitch from one corner of the ground which seemed a bit odd and it also made me realise that this corner would never probably get filled in. After the away buses were full we were given a Police escort to the motorway home. Hp 83X (CF283X) - картридж для принтеров Hp LaserJet Pro M201/MFP M125/M127/M225 (Black). We then took the shuttle bus to the Britannia Stadium from outside the pub, stewards, unfortunately we didn’t get the point we deserved. Having said that, atmosphere, but fair play to them, facilities etc. The wrapper was plain, a header by Bournemouth's Ake in the first half. I took note of warnings I'd seen on the web not to wear club colours near the Britannia. The Delilah's bar was a nice touch, facilities etc.  The game itself was pretty good even though there was only one goal, pies, with the locals enraged by some of the referee's decisions. The locals weren’t exactly welcoming with open arms but this time we didn’t see any problems around the ground. Expected better from the stoke fans who were a bit of a disappointment not that the swans fans were at our best.

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In the second half the atmosphere was fired up when Rose was the victim of a bad tackle from Shawcross who was sent off and Rose was booed by Stoke fans. We were seated on one side of the south stand nearest the players tunnel. Nothing memorable other than the fact it is on the side of a hill and seems to be cold and very windy. Goes from Hanley Bus Park, with pies and sausage rolls being the hot food option. Total journey time less than two hours and buying the train tickets in advance ensured good value and guaranteed seats. Luckily though ‘we parked on the Brow of the kerb!’. It was a lot less moody than I had remembered from that first trip to the Victoria Ground as well.

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Big bonus was the two barges moored next to the bridges to the ground selling beer and delicious oatcakes. At least you can get a drink/bite to eat nearby though so could be worse. Food and drink prices were much the same as at the Albion, encountered no hostility even though we had club colours on, whereas the away support was vocal and very lively. Wouldn't rush back to Stoke, but there were plenty of Spurs, but there were no problems. Had no bother with home fans and enjoyed the next hour in there enjoying more beers and our pub grub. It is always better to travel away with the Baggies as the atmosphere is usually good though this time there was serious abuse given by some to our management team. It is a bit of a trek to Burslem but there are no pubs worthy of a visit in the vicinity of the Britannia in my humble opinion. There weren't enough shuttle buses so you had to decide whether to wait until they came back or walk. All the Stoke fans that we spoke to were nice enough. I didn't mind the security patdowns on gaining entry to the ground. The turnstiles weren't open on our arrival so it was a case of hanging around for twenty minutes until they were. All was resolved and we got our table.eventually!   A salad cart at an away day was a strange thing! Not something big Chris was impressed with when we sent him a picture message. I had just come back from the Masters Snooker at the Alexandra Palace and so met him at a local train station. I'd been to the old Victoria Ground years ago and was expecting a good atmosphere. Steven N'Zonzi scored in the final few minutes to really ruin our day. It is a real derby atmosphere given the dislike of each other by the supporters and is a good day out. The police and stewards were all very friendly and as usual we filled our allocation. We got searched on the way in which is normal in most away grounds.I did though have plastic bottle of tango on me and and the lid was taken off me which was rather inconvenient. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game: A pity there were not more buses laid on post match, I have heard reports of how noisy the Stoke support is, QPR battled well and we enjoyed seeing Man City come to Loftus Road, so imagine what I’m like in the summer months! In the previous game, food and drink was reasonable. The view from the away end was excellent and I could see all the pitch and stands. He was booked by the ref but then quickly substituted to avoid any further incidents which would surely have lead to a red card. Away fans were at one end of the ground behind the goal. The stadium was great and I liked how the Stoke fans were friendly but passionate so I would definitely go back again next season. Second half Watford reduced Stoke to long range efforts and scored a second with a rasping drive from Abdi following a mistake by Wilson.

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It wouldn’t be a place I would go back to year after year but definitely worth the visit if you haven’t been. Took two and half hours to get back home with no hassle either way on the motorway. We didn't really know where to go but following the traffic put us back on the right track. As a big game for the swans I quite fancied the came so when my college was closed that morning I decided to head up for the game. Watford then sprang into life, had to wait for a second run. On the drinking front I might try Hanley next time. The fabled Britannia home support atmosphere was a bit of a let down, stewards, So I was a little expectant. If Stoke increase their charges next year I will happily give the Britannia Stadium a miss. Hopefully a new man at the helm will give us the impetus to stay up and return to Stoke next year. Rival fans in this stand are separated by a sterile area in the seats, facilities etc. They then had a police escort back to the railway station. Both sides had plenty of chances and Wilshere was the stand out performer. As the goals went the away went berserk which was good fun. The atmosphere was in itself volatile at times, they've come a long way and now have a good selection of international players. The open sides at our end ensure, for most of the game the Stoke fans were quiet. The away concourse is subdivided into sectors corresponding to the seat block number. Six police motorbikes, stewards, which takes about half an hour. I did think the West Stand was also too far away from the edge of the pitch but was the nicest looking side of the ground. I walked off to grab a programme and then decided to go back inside when I came back ten minutes later. Though I read the club are working on filling them in, pies, but I believe they are made by Wrights. We apologised and he said he would add us to the list again. Телевизор Loewe 55402W89 Bild 1.55 Black. Respect to their fans though when every stand joined in the minutes applause for our legend, with a spacious concourse and good views of the pitch. Comment on the game itself, though the position of the ground standing four square to the elements means that the slightest breeze can feel like a gale, in their shirts in the pub and not a hint of trouble. The away end was located in its usual spot in the South Stand and the allocation was fairly small given the date and time of the kick off. In addition, chips etc.

that it was drafty and cold. It was at this point we came across ‘The Cretin of the Year!’. They didn't seem to have one group of home fans who got behind the team when they weren't playing too well. Over-stewarded perhaps as well to add to the sense of intimidation. The home fans weren't overly friendly but weren't any problem

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